S.P.A.R.K. (Supplemental Parenting for At Risk Kids)

T.E.A.C.H. is a Connellsville based, Fayette County nonprofit organization. We are dedicated to serving our citizens
in a variety of ways. Our project is to establish SPARK (Supplemental Parenting for At Risk Kids). SPARK is a
comprehensive model for after-school programming and services for youth and at risk youth. The SPARK model will
ideally be emulated by other rural/city communities.

The phrase “after school” includes not only after the single school day, but the academic year’s end, or anytime not
in school. SPARK wants to augment the education, guidance, and nourishment of kids on behalf of the Fayette
County community. SPARK does not intend to replace parents but to supplement and mediate year-round between
home and school to secure the education and socialization of its children. Our program will prepare and teach them
to lead stable, self-sustianing, productive lives, instill a moral compass, and to become personally responsible

Activities will range from arts, athletics, education, outdoor programs, and volunteer community service. Participation
will function according to an incentive point system call Learn and Earn.  The Learn and Earn program will issue  mock paychecks/payments, loans, and credit for hours resulting in various privileges and awards for individual achievement.

The Learn and Earn program is extremely important.  It teaches our youth how to prepare for real world, adult living situations.  This program prepares them to obtain jobs, find independent housing, and to live within their means.  It also teaches them the value of hard work and demonstrates that through hard work that anything is obtainable with dedication.